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PTA CERT-Hungary

Established in 1992, the Theodore Puskas Foundation (PTA) has been involved in international technology transfer, representation of foreign professional organisations (Hungarian center of the EU Innovation Relay Center network and the Hungarian contact office of the German Industrial Research Association (AiF - Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen), as well as trans-national projects and networks supporting international client cooperation (FP 4: Inco Copernicus, FEMIRC, 1997; FEMOPET 1997; FP 5: IRC, 1999; INTERREG: EMBRACE, 2000; Marie Curie Mobility Actions, 2003; FP6: IRC 2002; NANOMAT, 2003; TRANSFER-EAST, 2006). The PTA has been running several projects for the Hungarian government (e.g. adaptation of Common Criteria), and provides communication monitoring systems to the government since 1998.

PTA hosts CERT-Hungary that operates as the Hungarian governmental Computer Emergency Response Team since 2004. Besides being the national point of contact in Internet incident response and critical information infrastructure protection (e.g. operator of the National Communications Alert Service, coordinator of the Information Sharing and Analysis working group in the Financial and Energy Sector), CERT-Hungary is the policy making think-tank in information and network security for the government. CERT-Hungary gives the national representation in ENISA’s Management Board (Vice-Chair) and promotes regional cooperation (Visegrad IT security workshop, meetings of Central and East European CERTs). As member of the European Government CERT Group and the International Watch and Warning Network, the Meridian Process, CERT-Hungary takes active role in network and information security related international activities in the governmental sector.