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The NISHA project has come to an end with February 2014. As one of the results, the NISHA-in-the-box is available. The installation manual is available here.

The NISHA node configuration manual is here.

The NISHA portal user manual is available here.

For any support and contact, pls use the contact form.




NEWS flash: the NISHA closing workshop is taking place on 12 February 2014 in Zürich. (Registration is closed)

Theme: workshop on information sharing structures

Details: Workshop topics will focus on obstacles of the various information sharing mechanisms, why these obstacles exist, how they could be overcome. Confirmed topics include:

Awareness related information sharing:
•    Digital tools and services to raise awareness and promote a better internet, INSAFE
•    NISHA project results presentation,, NISZ Ltd.

Incident and vulnerability related information sharing:
•    Taranis: turning your sources into reusable security alerts, NCSC
•    n6: automated network threat exhange,
•    Data exchange, ENISA

Malware and botnet related information sharing:
•    Information Exchange on Targeted Incidents in Practice, CERT-EU
•    Commercial perspectives on data sharing, Team Cymru

Participation is free, but on invotation only, deadline to register: 7 February 2014

contact: nisha (at)





the Hungarian NISHA portal is up and running. It can be accessed at

the Polish NISHA portal can be accessed at

the Portuguese portal can be accessed at

the German node can be accessed at




NEWS flash: the 1st dissemination workshop of the NISHA results will be collocated with the TF/CSIRT-FIRST symposuim on 30 January 2013 in Lisbon. For details and invitation, please use the contact form.




The follow up project to FISHA has been granted funding by DG HOME in 2011. As of 1 January 2012, the project on Network for Information Sharing and Alerting (NISHA) has started.


Information on FISHA is available at: